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May 5th, 2021: Review for Mortal Kombat 2021 is posted!

May 4th, 2021:
Another site overhaul to implement a new way of presenting content to make it easier to update, and thus allow for much faster reviews!

March 7th, 2021
: A new Podcast is up! We talk about WandaVision and upcoming album releases!

February 6th, 2021:
Special Features opened up with the first feature; The JAWS Series!

Welcome to! is a small website dedicated to reviewing various forms of media as well as articles and special features. We are not a news site; there are already plenty of those out there, which you can access from our Links page. Instead, we pick and choose what we review based on our interests, much like a fan page. Our reviews and articles are completely the opinion of the editors and not endorsed by the companies we talk about nor do we represent their thoughts and opinions. All that said, we encourage feedback and discussion, so please enjoy your stay!

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The JAWS Series

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Why Monkeyzero?

Ever hear the phrase "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"? Often we see the phrase accompanied by three monkeys, one over its eyes, another its ears, and the third its mouth. Here, we hear no evil (bad music), see no evil (bad movies, TV, or books), play no evil (bad games) and lastly, speak no evil (write with respect). If we were to represent them with monkeys, they all harm nothing, or zero. Put it together and you get Monkeyzero.

About the Editors


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Bio: A guy from the southeast passionate about video games, movies, TV and music. Writer of fan fiction, dabbler in Photoshop and web design, hardcore reader, and Funko POP collector.
Systems: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PSP, Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, iPad, iPhone, PC, and Mac.
Favorite Movie/TV Genres: Horror, mystery, action, superhero
Favorite Game Genres: RPG, Action, Fighting, Survival Horror
Favorite Music Genres: Pop, Classic and Hard Rock, K-Pop, J-Pop, Alternative
Favorite Book Genres: Horror, mystery


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Bio: A guy from the southeast passionate about music, movies, TV and video games. Hardcore audiophile, collector of CDs and vinyls, Youtube connoisseur, and all about the superhero life. Music is life; all else is secondary.
Systems: Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, vinyl player
Favorite Movie/TV Genres: Horror, action, family, superhero, documentary
Favorite Game Genres: Action, fighting, racing, platformer
Favorite Music Genres: EDM, Pop, K-Pop, Alternative
Favorite Book Genres: Horror, mystery, drama

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